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Martin Julius Fingerson

Birth Date: 9 Feb 1877

Birth Place: Spirit Lake, Iowa

Death Date: 19 Jul 1919

Father: Knudt Fingerson (Fingarson) (1845-1914)

Mother: Isabelle Ingabor (Oleson) (1850-1925)

Spouse: Della Viola (Hollingsworth)

Children: Ernest Vermillon

Winford Willis

Leoni Viola

Ilo Belle

Martin Julius

Della Evelyn

 Della Viola (Hollingsworth) Fingerson

Birth Date: 12 Dec 1881

Birth Place: Fort Dodge, IA or Merifield, MN

Death Date: 5 May 1924

Father: Levi Hollingsworth (1844-1931)

Mother: Ann Elizabeth Goss (1848-1926)

Spouse: Martin Julius Fingerson

Children: Same as for Martin J. Fingerson



The following was written by Della in 1998: "I regret not jotting down some stories my brother, Ernest, related to me.

Ernest was the first child born to Martin Julius Fingerson and Della Viola Fingerson while they were homesteading in North Dakota. They lived in a sod house in the Flaxton area of No. Dakota. Moved there after marrying at Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Ernest told about Mama taking a shotgun to the field to shoot varmints as they pulled the grain roots down through the soil, thus ruining the crops. Don't remember how many acres they homesteaded, or how long they lived there. I believe one of Papa's brothers, Fred or Ole and his respective wife, also homesteaded there.

When they left No. Dakota, they went to Brainard, Minnesota. My Mother's parents lived in Minnesota. They opened a general merchandise store there. Winford, their second child, was born in Minnesota, the only one of six children born in a hospital."



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