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  Fingar Knudsen and Descendents (Genealogy)

  Fingar Knudsen Homesite Photos

  Martin and Della Fingerson (1918?)

  Knudt and Isabelle Fingerson and their family (1906?)

  The family as above but with spouses and young Ernest in front of Della (Hollingsworth) Fingerson (1904)

   Isabelle Fingerson

  A gathering of Fingersons in South Dakota (1911)
  May Fingerson with 2 Sisters (1910?)

  Lillie Emmely Fingerson with 3 of Martin J. Fingerson's Children (Ernest Fingerson [oldest], Winford Fingerson, and Leona Fingerson) (1910?)

   Fingersons on 4th of July 1919

   M.J. Fingerson General Store (1918)